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     Welcome to my author website! Please take your time to browse around. As the self-proclaimed Queen of Hard Rock Fiction, you'll find plenty of excitement in my Blog, where I've posted musings, videos, reviews of CDs, and rock shows, not to mention early chapters (i.e. early drafts) of my novel, The Guitarist.
     The Short Stories page includes two non-rock related stories, previously published in anthologies of the South Carolina Writers Workshop. There are plenty of rock-related stories on deck which may show up here from time to time, so stay tuned. You can learn all about me on the Bio page, and learn more (than you probably want to know) by connecting with me on Facebook. (@maryfersner, @hardrockfiction)
     So, grab a beverage of your choice, sit back, and enjoy the ride! \m/

Well, hello there.

Thanks for checking in on me. There have been many changes in my life over the last three years, but I seem to be clawing my way back. The Guitarist continues to gain rave reviews, and I've recently rejoined the South Carolina Writer's Association. Through the organization, I hope to gain connections who will keep me motivated and writing. I realize those things are reliant solely on me. (sigh)

I have several books/stories/novellas in the pipeline, most of which are musician-related. My current work involves a singer who has escaped Small Town, South Carolina to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles. A funeral brings him home where his band leaves him to face and conquer his demons. 

I intend to catch up in my blog about the tragedies, failures, and successes which have derailed, not only this site, but my writing life and life in general. Give me a few days, but I'll post there soon.


Thanks again and keep reading! 

 New Blog Now Available!

Notice:  Never let it be said I don't listen to my readers. Feedback about the red text in my blog encouraged me to change the color. White appears too bright, so I'm experimenting with a softer blue/gray that seems easier on the eyes. I'm not changing the whole website, but moving forward, expect changes. Thanks for the suggestions! 

Breaking News!

Announcing Release Date


The Guitarist

Save the date:

October 17th, 2017

     British musician, Nicholas Trent, is a perfectly happy single man. He plays guitar, he’s toured the globe with world renowned rock bands and shagged his share of groupies along the way. He’s settled into middle age with a bit of celebrity, plenty of money, and comfort in his own skin.

     Then he meets Caitlin Flynn, a southern woman on her own in New York City. A week together allows Nicholas to feel what he’s avoided all his life—love—but she pushes him away.

     With the tour on a short break, he is persuaded to return to the “home” he’d fled as a frightened teenager. While there, he runs head-on into the very nightmares he’d escaped so many years past.

     Resuming his life on the road with the band, a groupie’s act of violence threatens his very career and brings Caitlin back into his life. But Caitlin carries her own darkness to the show. Can they move past their histories of violence and grief to discover happiness in a world of music, new families, and road life?

     The Guitarist is a story of how life can be rewarding if one survives long enough.


Join my Virtual Book Launch Party

October 17, 2017

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST


Mary O's House of Hard Rock Fiction


Come help me celebrate the official release of my long-awaited debut novel, The Guitarist. I will have a prize each hour, will answer any questions you may have, share music that inspired the book, talk about writing fiction, and discuss music with you.

I will be in and out throughout the day, as I imagine people in different time zones may check in and out as well, but I will respond to all who join in.

(2) Signed copies of The Guitarist
(1) Guitar Center Gift Card
(1) ITunes Gift Card
(2) Amazon Gift Cards




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