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As of March 2016, I've been working with E. David Moulton of



The Guitarist:

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OCTOBER 17,2017

The Guitarist is a novel of contemporary fiction about Nicholas Trent, an aging musician and his life offstage. He navigates the real world with a genuine, down-to-earth and very human personality, slipping in and out of his stage persona as necessary.  

      He's happy to have stayed uninvolved with the emotion of love, though he feels the solitude. Most of the time he recovers through music or a nice, long run. The worst times require a night of hard drinking and sex with his choice of willing strangers.

      Then he meets Caitlin Flynn and unfamiliar feelings flood his heart. Will this be the woman who wins him, or will her reluctance keep him at bay? Connecting with the man he suspects is his son further opens his heart, but puts him in danger both physically and emotionally.   

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My Inspirations for The Guitarist:


I Wanna Know What Love Is

Def Leppard:

Paper Sun

Also Available

A novella of Hard Rock Fiction. Aboard a rock and roll cruise in the Caribbean, Devyn Campbell sits at her little table and sells copies of her debut novel. She is surprised--and delighted--to learn a handsome rock star has become smitten with her. Too bad she's trapped in a stale marriage to a man who cheats on her. She finds out just what a creep her husband is when she returns home, and is subjected to the wrath of his guilt and discovery. Though her rock star is on tour far away, he arranges care for her, ultimately pulling her into his world of the working musician.

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