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Goofy Rock Face

This is a Facebook post I wrote pretty late on August 17th:

Just one more thing and then I'm out. I've got another story going on recently and this afternoon I wrote a scene where the female character watched the male character onstage playing with a local rock band.

Some of you know me and know when I'm watching musicians doing their thing, I'm ALL IN. I'm watching their fingers, I'm watching their feet, the strings, the sticks, the pedals. I'm totally immersed with the goofiest grin on my face anyone could ever have. And if you've ever been to a show with me you know that's no exaggeration. Hahahaha!

Kinda like this:

So today, I'm writing this scene and I catch myself grinning this exact same goofy grin. IT'S FICTION!! Completely made up and yet I'm goofy, watching it play out in my head.

Well, I thought it was pretty interesting and one of these days, I hope you'll get a chance to make up your own mind about whether it's interesting to you.

That's all. I'm out. Gonna go find out what happens when he comes offstage!

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