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(Playing Catch-up, Part 2)

Fast forward to 2012 when Jeff lost his right leg. As has been documented in this website and blog before, I got the idea for The Guitarist while attending a movie with a friend on my first non-medical, sans-Jeff foray out, post-amputation. Is that too many commas? Probably. Okay, I took some out.

The first draft of The Guitarist nearly wrote itself, to which I'm sure some of you writers can relate, and I put it away to "cook." But it had spurred a wealth of creativity in me that I had never known and the Tools of Tone series was born, as was my own special genre, Hard Rock Fiction. I became obsessed with guitars, recognizing brands by sight, collecting them, going to rock concerts, discovering ShipRocked and our ShipRocked family. And Jeff was mostly all-in as well. It was great.

Around about 2015, I set out to get The Guitarist ready for publication and my group at B&N were incredibly helpful. The leader at that time was David Moulton, author of Prodigal Child and a songwriter himself, not to mention one of the most brilliant wits of our time. He also owned Livin' Oak Publishing and agreed to publish my book. Even now, I couldn't be more grateful for his guidance and hard work that brought the book to life.

A few years ago, he and his wife Kathy moved to the Upstate and left me to head the West Ashley Writer's Group. (And yes, sometimes I write it as a possessive and sometimes I write it as a plural. So sue me.) We kept meeting at the Barnes and Noble and will again just next month. We generally hosted between eight and ten members on average. Occasionally there were more, occasionally less. COVID put a real dent in attendance and left us with four to six most months on Zoom. Next month, June 2021, we will begin hosting hybrid meetings, some of us in person, some online. Fortunately, we have a couple of members who know how to make that happen.


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