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Rant Regarding the State of Our Country in 2022

This was written in response to three, count 'em, three, mass shootings during the week of May 24th, 2022.

Since we’re ranting, here is my two-cents worth: John Lennon would be extremely disappointed in the world today—in the United States. “Peace” has not been given “a chance.” And I would say, “don’t get me started” on politics, but I’m gettin’ started.

Yes, people have more mental issues today than possibly any other time in our nation’s history. And yes, the reasons are myriad. Put more funding into mental health resources.

I have a neighbor who is a member of the SC House of Representatives. I once brought up an issue to him to which he answered, “It’s complicated.” At the time, I thought, “what a cop-out,” but of course it’s complicated! Isn’t that what we voted them into office to do? Take care of the complicated matters? Personally, I do not feel represented in any of these matters.

I vote, but does it count? I’m not talking fraudulent elections. I’m talking about big, dark money (see: gun lobbies, Big Pharma, big insurance) and blatant gerrymandering. I don’t see how my one, measly vote counts in the least. And since only rich people can run for office, what do you think they care about once they get there? That’s right, getting reelected and getting more money.

Military weapons should not be available to the general public. Period. If you hunt, fine. Have a rifle. Have a shotgun. If you need personal protection, fine. Have a handgun. And the training that goes with them. You get my point.

Military weapons, any of the auto- or semiautomatic weapons holding massive ammunition magazines were created for one purpose. To kill people. Nothing else. Joe Public doesn’t need one.

Stop making profits on them. Stop marketing them to children and children’s video games. Stop desensitizing children to human death as a game, and stop causing them to devalue human life.

Yes, it’s complicated. Our powers-that-be need to get to work and do the job we voted them to do.

MSW.5/30/22 6:04 pm


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