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What a great rock show!

Wednesday, August 5th, I made my way to Ladson's multi-music-genre venue, Ocean Cowboys for some local rock and an up-and-coming new national band, We Are Harlot. I bought their CD and I haven't stopped grinning since. What a great lot of hard rock. There are a couple of screamy moments but not enough to detract from the overall rockin' goodness of the sound.

But let's start with the first band out on stage. I didn't catch their name at first but later asked a band member. They are American Murder. They're a trio from the Concord, NC area but I didn't get much of a chance to talk to them. It was still early. Being the opener, their set was a bit shorter than the other two, but they made up for it by seemingly having the times of their lives onstage. Check them out in this video and on Facebook at, where you can find a link to their website.

Next up was a hometown Charleston band called Beyond Intent. A five-piece, dual-guitar extravaganza throwing up a wall of modern rock that had everybody on their feet. I bought their four-song EP at the show, and just like the show, it rocks! Pure, down and dirty hard rock/heavy metal. If you're into Five Finger Death Punch, Nonpoint, or Sevendust, you'll love these guys! You can hear their songs on their Facebook page

Then it was time for We Are Harlot. I didn't look them up beforehand, so I didn't know what to expect other than the fact that they will be on the ShipRocked cruise in January, 2016. I figured it was something I'd enjoy and man, I did! I met up with three other Shiprockers from the north area and all of us are seriously anticipating these guys on the ship! (Yeah Kat, I know you won't physically be there, but you'll be with us in spirit, girl!)

So, the music. iTunes lists them as Indie Rock, but I don't know. I'm learning, but I'm certainly not an expert, just a fan. A grinnin' fan.

I've listened to this CD every day in the last week, both in the house and in the car and I'm still diggin' it. Their influences seem to range from Shinedown to Motorhead to a bit of funk and a lot of stuff in between. Dancing on Nails gets the feet moving from the opening track and keeps you going through the beautiful Someday . . . honestly, I could name every track but the best thing for you to do is look them up, buy their self-titled CD and have a ball. You won't regret it.

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