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Making Progress

Man, have I got a lot to learn! It's comical, I swear. If all an author had to do was write, there would be way more books out there. This website building was meant for more analytical souls than I, and more tech-savvy, that's for sure. Will I ever get it? That's not so certain. All I can do is laugh at myself or else I'll cry. Hahaha!!

So I drench my doubt in caffeinated iced tea and soldier on. Facebook friends post affirmations that convince me I can do this, I just need to put in the work. The time. Get the hell off Facebook, right? Today is one of the good days regardless of my website-building learning curve.

And I am making progress with the latest draft of The Guitarist. I have cut another five thousand words and five characters from the manuscript which seems miniscule, considering I should cut another eight thousand words to make it a standard "first-novel length." But the first draft was one-hundred, forty-nine thousand words, so it is truly progress. Forty-five pages to go for this edit, after which I will send it to BookLogix for a free manuscript review.

How cool is that? I mean, it's a great service. Of course, they hope you'll go with BookLogix to publish, print and sell your novel, but it's not a requirement. So what do I have to lose? I'm sure they'll come up with comments and suggestions I haven't considered.

I've decided too, now that my guitarist is officially copyrighted with the U.S. government, to publish some chapters of the latest draft here in these blog pages. Those of you who are my faithful readers--and I am grateful to every single one of you--will find the bones of the book are the same, but it's lost some . . . weight, if you will. Think of it as your favorite sexy man (or woman) who has been working out and all you want to do is run your hands over those abs!

Hahaha!! Did I go too far? Okay. (Still laughing.)

In the meantime, watch out for the first chapter of The Guitarist. I'll try to make sure you can leave comments here, but given my luck today, you may have to comment on my Facebook page (Mary Ogden Fersner) or on Twitter (@maryfersner)

Today's playlist has included: Alter Bridge and Mark Tremonti (walking dogs). Instrumentalists LoNero, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Liquid Tension Experiment, Neal Schon, Michael Hedges, Jeff Beck, Vinnie Moore, Sean Ashe, and Tony MacAlpine (Writing Music 2).

PS--I'm seriously bummed I won't be at the Shinedown concert tomorrow night (7/29/15) in Charlotte. Why won't the artists I love most come through Charleston? Nevermind. I know why, but it doesn't make it any easier.

So I leave you with a song I love. From Liquid Tension Experiment 2, this is Biaxident:

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