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Album Review: Flux by Sean Ashe

Those of you who have visited this blog know I've been a fan of instrumental hard rock--shred rock or shredding, if you will--since Joe Satriani launched Surfing With the Alien back in the late 80's. This type of music consumed me for a solid decade.

I knew from the first time I heard Sean Ashe play a simple riff three years ago, that his stars were sure to align. Music is in his genes, you see, and I believe it flows through his being as does blood, or breath.

His first single release, Luminescence, gave further validation to his talent and his second single, Hemisphere, became the launch pad for his first full length album, Flux. For those of us who value the skills of the instrumental rock guitarist, it is sublime.

One might try to compare him to other shredders of our time--Marty Friedman, Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci--but Flux incorporates more depth and more layers to the music than mere shredding accomodates. Aptly named, Flux demonstrates the artist's skills ingeniously. It's jazzy, it's classical, it's fusion, smooth, and whimsical, all within the realm of solid rock guitar.

I'm totally smitten.

For another review, please see The Musical Melting Pot:


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