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2016: A Rocking Year, Continued

This is continued from the previous post, "Exciting One Year Birthday." Hope I didn't lose ya'.

Boy George nowadays

Got home from O-town on the 7th and I went with friends to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center to see Boy George and Culture Club. Remember them? I never owned any of their music but I had great memories of it coming over the radio from Savannah and into the grocery store where I worked in the 80's. And it was a really good concert. The horn section was fun, entirely on their own, but the whole band was spot-on musically, and Boy George had a great time interacting with the audience.

Had a little over a week to rest before I drove to Greenville, SC for I'll let you click on the link to see about that. I started doing some editing and reviewing for Shockwave Magazine about the middle of July and it's been a ton of fun!

This past Tuesday, September 20th, I went with a friend to see Alice in Chains. I know people lament the demise of lead singer, Layne Staley, but I thought William DuVall did an extraordinary job fronting the band. And of course, Jerry Cantrell hasn't lost a thing. Next Friday, the 30th, we head down to the Charleston Music Hall for Peter Frampton. Never seen him before, so it ought to be good. November 11, we get to see an acoustic set by one of my personal guitar gods, Eric Johnson. There will be a piano onstage and I'm so hoping to hear him play "Song for Lynette."

To end the year on a high note, December 6th, Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown will play the North Charleston Coliseum. FINALLY, I get to see Shinedown! It seems like it's taken them forever to make it to Charleston. I've posted some of their videos on this blog before, and anyone reading this probably knows who they are. If you don't, look them up. Their latest album, Threat To Survival, seems angrier than previous albums, though I do like the radio hits, "Cut the Cord," "State of my Head," and "Asking For It." I'll be disappointed if they don't play "Unity" (see previous posts), but I can always listen to it on the way home.

Shinedown, "State of My Head" from Threat To Survival

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